How to Make Your Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Shine Again?

When you want a piece of sparkling jewelry but don’t have a high budget, cubic zirconia jewelry is your ideal choice. Zircon has long been a favored alternative, especially among those who find diamond prices beyond their reach. However, CZ, despite its popularity, tends to show wear and tear more easily, diminishing its shine with time. Its softer nature makes it more vulnerable to scratches. To regain the dazzling shine of cubic zirconia and eliminate the cloudy film, you’ll need to take specific steps. Here are our tips for you.

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Why is the Surface of Cubic Zirconia no Longer Shiny?

  • CZ is susceptible to scratches and abrasions over time.
  • Accumulation of oils, lotions, and other substances (like perfumes, hairsprays and makeups) on the surface of CZ jewelry can create a film, diminishing its shine.
  • Daily wear can contribute to the gradual loss of shine on CZ.
  • Lower-quality CZ may not have the same durability and resistance to wear, resulting in a quicker loss of luster.

What Can You Do to Restore the Shine of CZ Jewelry?

  • Cleaning: Use a mild soap or dishwashing liquid mixed with warm water. Soak the CZ jewelry for a few minutes to loosen any accumulated dirt or oils. Use a soft brush or a clean cosmetic brush to gently scrub the CZ surface. Pay attention to the area around the prong or pave setting. Rinse the jewelry thoroughly and pat it dry with a soft, lint-free cloth (avoid using tissues or paper towels, as they can cause scratches.)
  • Polish: Polish the CZ with a jewelry polishing cloth to restore its shine.

Diamond polishing cloth can be safely used on CZ jewelry set in sterling silver, 14k gold, or plated gold. Avoid using a polishing cloth on plated jewelry, as the abrasives in the cloth can remove some of the plated metal, reducing its longevity.

  • Consult: If the above methods do not work, you might need to consult with a professional jeweler. Depending on the condition of your CZ jewelry, a steam or ultrasonic cleaner can restore a dazzling shine to your piece.

What factors should you be mindful of when wearing CZ jewelry Everyday?

1.Clean it once a month. Monthly cleaning is needed to prevent the accumulation of dirt and grime on cubic zirconia.

2.Avoid exposing cubic zirconia to lotions and oils. Lotion or essential oils can harm the stone. If you are going to use lotion or oils, make sure to remove them first.

3.Avoid harsh cleaners. Bleach, chlorine, and ammonia should not be used on cubic zirconia. Do not use any chemical cleaners to remove harsh stains, as this can easily damage your jewelry. Also, wearing CZ jewelry when swimming is not a good idea.

4.Store safely. Store your CZ jewelry in an airtight container when not in use to prevent wear and tear. Keep it safely stored whenever you’re not wearing it.

Follow the above steps to make your cubic zirconia jewelry shine brightly. Therefore, cleaning promptly when you notice dirt on the surface will save you a lot of trouble. If you also appreciate the beautiful appearance and practicality of cubic zirconia, come to Meideya to find a suitable one for you!

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