Will Brass Jewelry Develop Patina in A Sealed Box?

Brass jewelry will generally develop a patina over time due to its exposure to air and environmental factors. While sealing brass jewelry in a box can slow down the patina-forming process, it won’t completely prevent it.

What is patina?

Patina is a film that develops on the surface of metal over a period of time. An aged metal such as copper tends to develop a patina. It can take from days to years for patina to occur naturally.

Why brass jewelry develop patina?

Exposure to open air and the natural process of oxidation will add a layer of green patina for copper-made brass jewelry. If you wear them everyday, it will develop patina.

What’s the main factors?

Environmental elements: like moisture, sulfur, and chemicals.

And when the brass jewelry touches your skin for a relatively long time, your skin’s sweat, oil and the cosmetics, skin care products and perfume may contain a small amount of chemicals that accelerate oxidation process.

To prevent your beloved jewelry, except regular cleaning the way to store it is necessary.

Where should you store the brass jewelry?

  • A clean, dry place with normal temperature is an ideal place to store them.
  • You can also put them in a piece of clean, dry and soft cloth, wrap it to avoid further exposure to the air.
  • A sealed box, but you should put the jewelry in a slider plastic bag first.

  • Transparent PE film floating box, this one is more portable and help you find the jewelry you want to wear timely.

What should you  notice?

  • Always make sure your pieces are completely dry, especially before storing them.
  • Do not wear brass jewelry in springs as the sulfur will cause tarnishing.
  • Avoid getting perfume or lotion on your jewelry. 
  • Avoid wearing while exercising.

Why the jewelry develop patina even in a sealed box?

A sealed glass box can protect the jewelry from direct exposure to air, but it’s nearly impossible to create a completely airtight environment. A limited volume of air can still seep into the container over time, causing the brass to oxidize and develop a patina. So we recommend you to put the brass jewelry in a slider plastic bag first. This method can minimize exposure to air and moisture, helping to slow down the tarnishing process. Additionally, regular cleaning and daily maintenance can help preserve the appearance of your brass jewelry!

We all hope a piece of jewelry can improve your mood. If you want to know how to clean brass jewelry please click HERE have a further understanding.

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