What is Evil Eye? Why is it Widely Used in Jewelry?

Have you ever seen or heard about the term “Evil Eye”? Perhaps you’ve noticed that many people will choose to wear a piece of jewelry featuring the evil eye? And might be wondering: does this kind of jewelry have any meaning? In the following, we will provide answer to these questions, hoping to give you a comprehensive understanding of it.

What is Evil Eye? 

The “Evil Eye” is a belief that a malevolent gaze can bring bad luck or misfortune. It’s known in Greek as ‘mati’ and in India as ‘nazar’. This concept exists in various cultures worldwide, rooted in the idea that envy or jealousy can manifest as negative energy. Also, it can refer to to talismans or protective objects. The ‘Evil Eye’ will guard you, blocking envious glances and evil gazes. If the ‘Evil Eye’ shatters, it indicates that the disaster has been averted. Decorative items shaped like eyes, called Nazar, are considered talismans that people use to ward off the misfortune of the Evil Eye.

Why the Evil Eye is Widely Used in Jewelry?

The Evil Eye has a history dating back to ancient Egypt. In the past, it was represented by glass symbols on leather cords. Nowadays, it has evolved into lovely jewelry adorned with precious stones. There are various reasons why the the evil eye is popular in fashion circle and jewelry design:

1. Protection: People incorporate the Evil Eye in jewelry design mainly to keep safe. Many cultures think that if you wear the Evil Eye symbol, it helps prevent bad energy, jealousy, and ill wishes from getting to you.

2.Amulet & Talisman: Many people view the Evil Eye as a strong charm or protective amulet. Wearing these items can act as a reminder for positive energy and as a shield against negativity.

3.Distinctive Design: People like putting the Evil Eye in jewelry not just for its meaning but also because it looks cool. The eye design is unique and stylish, making it a popular choice for accessories. The most common is the Evil Eye necklace, designed with a pendant style to make it more eye-catching.

4.Gifts with Meaning: People often give Evil Eye jewelry as gifts to show kindness and protection to their loved ones. It’s seen as a considerate gift that not only shows care but also gives a feeling of safety to the person receiving it. If someone gifts you an Evil Eye jewelry piece, it signifies their wish to enhance positive energy for you and ward off any negativity in your life.

Is the Evil Eye Jewelry Only Available in Blue?

No, Evil Eye jewelry is not only available in blue. Most of them is blue, which means calmness, protection, and peace. But each color has its own meaning. While blue is the most common color, you can also find Evil Eye jewelry in various other colors. Different colors of Evil Eye jewelry may have specific meanings in various cultures or designs, but blue is generally considered the most protective color. Regardless of the color, the primary purpose of these accessories is to offer protection to the wearer, guarding against malicious glances and negative energy.

  • Red: Courage, strength, confidence and energy.
  • Yellow: Happiness, optimism. It can bring joy and good fortune to the wearer.
  • Green: Growth, fertility, and prosperity, good health, and freedom to explore new ideas.
  • White: Purity, clarity, and a fresh start.
  • Black: Power and prosperity.

The Evil Eye wasn’t only worn as jewelry. People liked it so much that they made it into different things and kept it in different forms to protect their homes and anyone carrying it. They are available in different shapes, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Add something special to your jewelry collection with an Evil Eye piece! Check out our online shop Meideya to upgrade your style and bring in the positive energy with our unique pieces!

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