10 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing Earrings

Wearing earrings can make your outfit more stylish, but sometimes, we unconsciously make a few little mistakes that mess with the overall vibe we’re going for. Avoiding some common mistakes will keep your earrings looking good for a long time. Just remember these tips, and your earrings will always look awesome!

Choosing the Wrong Size:

If your earrings are too small, they might look odd and even hurt. If they’re too big, they can be uncomfortable and might fall off. Make sure to pick the right size for comfy and balanced earrings.

Wearing earrings that don’t match or fit the outfit can make it look not so good. Also, be careful not to wear too many or over big earrings – it might not look so nice and can be too much. Just keep it simple for a stylish look.

Mismatching Earrings:

If you opt for a matching pair of earrings, ensure they are a cohesive set. While intentionally mismatched earrings can be trendy, accidental mismatches might appear awkward.

Wearing Old or Damaged Earrings

Damaged earrings may have sharp edges or uneven surfaces that irritate your ears. And old or tarnished earrings might not look as good, affecting your overall appearance. So it’s recommended to regularly check and repair and replace old or damaged earrings with newer, well-maintained ones.

Overloading Accessories:

Avoid overloading on accessories. If your earrings are bold and eye-catching, consider keeping other accessories to a minimum to maintain a balanced and stylish look.

Ignoring Hair Length:

Pay attention to your hair length when selecting earrings is crucial for achieving a well-balanced and stylish appearance. Short hair may accentuate earrings more prominently than long hair. For short hair, go for small studs, hoop earrings, or dainty drop earrings. Ear cuffs and geometric shapes work well too. If you like bold styles, choose statement earrings that aren’t too big for your face.

Not Considering Face Shape:

Different earring styles complement various face shapes. Whether you have an oval, round, square, or heart-shaped face, certain earring designs may enhance your features. For example, earrings that suit a round face might not look as good on someone with a square face, and vice versa.

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Ignoring Metal Allergies:

Be mindful of metal allergies. Wearing earrings made of the wrong metal can make your ears hurt and even cause infections. It’s important to know which metal you’re allergic to and avoid metals that might cause allergies. If you’re not sure, it’s better to consult professional jeweler for advice and be cautious by avoiding any earrings. Always opt for hypoallergenic materials, especially if you are prone to nickel allergies.

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Wearing Earrings While Sleeping or Showering:

Remove earrings before sleeping or showering to prevent damage and irritation. Moisture and products from showering can affect earrings, and sleeping with them on may lead to uncomfortable, breakage or loss. Remove earrings before sleeping or showering can ensure the longevity of your earrings and keeps them in good condition.

Neglecting Maintenance:

Spend some time to clean and maintain your earrings, particularly if they are made of materials like sterling silver or gold-plated metals. This can help preserve their appearance and quality.

Forgetting the Neckline:

The interaction between your earrings and neckline is crucial for a balanced appearance. Consider the neckline of your outfit when selecting earrings. Experiment with different combinations to find what suits your style best.

What Should I do Before Wearing a New Pair of Earrings?

  • Wipe the new earrings with a clean, damp cloth to remove any dust or residue from the packaging.
  • Examine the earrings for any signs of damage, such as missing stones, loose parts, or bent posts.
  • Use rubbing alcohol or a jewelry cleaning solution to sterilizing earrings that are not brand new or have been handled by others.

How Can I Prevent My Ears From Itching While Wearing Earrings?

  • Use mild soap and water to gently clean your earrings and earlobes.
  • Put a little petroleum jelly or water-based lubricant on the earring posts before putting them in to make it more comfortable.
  • Occasionally turn your earrings a bit to avoid them getting stuck to your skin and causing irritation.
  • If your ears keep itching, try wearing earrings for shorter times and slowly increase it as your ears get used to them.
  • Remove your earrings, dip a cotton swab in a small amount of alcohol or iodine, and wipe around the piercing. Let your ear piercings rest for half a day or a day.

Here’s what we found about common mistakes when wearing earrings. Ignoring these mistakes for a long time can make your ears uncomfortable and even cause infections. So, it’s crucial to pay attention to them. Follow Meideya for daily tips on jewelry, helping you choose accessories that suit you best.

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